From Daphne’s Desk

All that’s new starts … now. 

Welcome to one of the most significant moments in our agency’s history, the moment when we’re introducing our new name—WeAchieve—along with our new website, and yes, this new blog.

I’d like to use my time with you now not only to personally announce these major changes, but also to let you know why we made them and what they mean to you.

First, our new name.

Why after more than 70 years of services as CHI Centers did we change our name to WeAchieve? The reason is that we have changed. The services and supports we offer today are very different from those that originally led to the name CHI.

The name WeAchieve reflects our transformation to a provider of comprehensive, innovative services, customized to each person we support so they can live their life to the fullest. In fact, this purpose so defines our agency that it appears as our new tagline, our new motto: Each life to its fullest.

We didn’t stop there, though. Our new name and tagline prompted a whole new look, bright and upbeat, as full of promise as the people we support.

Next, this new website.

Chances are, you’ve already become a little familiar with our new website on your way to this blog. I encourage you to dig deeper. Whether you’re a family member of a person with intellectual or developmental disabilities, a professional serving individuals who would thrive in our residential homes or day program opportunities, a community member, volunteer, or possible workforce team member, there’s a lot here for you.

Vital information, success stories, tools for taking any next steps, and of course easy links for contact—they’re all on our new website and easy to find.

Interesting fact. You’ll notice that our website doesn’t use a lot of terms commonly associated with our field: disabilities, the disabled, developmental disabilities, group homes, even CHI Centers. That’s because those terms don’t reflect how we think and how we serve. We’re intentionally using them in this blog, though, to increase the likelihood that someone searching online for our services and supports will easily find us.

And finally, our new blog.

Part of the revitalization of our agency has been new, accessible leadership. This blog is a voice of that new leadership.

Through it, we’ll be bringing to your attention especially noteworthy achievements across our community, sharing accomplishments of individuals, families, colleagues, employees, and others. I invite you to visit this space again, month by month.

And please—keep in touch.

Daphne Pallozzi is Chief Executive Officer of WeAchieve