Each of the individuals WeAchieve serves joins us with a unique set of abilities, each with the potential for daily growth and long-term fulfillment. We honor that potential by creating a personalized program from our exceptionally wide range of quality supports.

These programs are regularly updated and continually adjusted to meet ever-changing life goals and needs. What are a person’s aspirations now? Having achieved several objectives, what do they want to accomplish next? As retirement nears, how should upcoming activities and supports shift? WeAchieve’s experienced, capable, dedicated family of professionals offer creative, tailored solutions, together providing enriching opportunities and services with unflagging care and respect. 

Leroy’s Story

A New Full Life

High school student Leroy Allen spent three months in the hospital recovering from several serious medical issues.


Sean’s Story

Healthy, Active & Smiling

Before moving into one of our agency’s group homes, Sean Beynon lived alone with his mother and had limited contact with his father.


Community Residential Living


WeAchieve provides quality, accessible housing with environmental modifications as needed. Through a variety of supports, individuals develop the skills needed to live independently and enjoy employment, volunteer opportunities and recreational events in the larger community.

Life Skills Development
WeAchieve provides individualized support and assistance with developing household skills including meal planning and preparation, grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. Additional supports help them build healthy relationships with family, friends, neighbors and associates.
Community Engagement
WeAchieve helps the people we support find volunteer work and employment, learn new skills, and become valued members of their community.

Personal Supports

Whether an individual is living in their own family home or in one of our group residences, WeAchieve provides supports that make everyday life easier and more satisfying.
WeAchieve provides a highly individualized array of supports customized to meet the diverse needs of men and women living in their own home with their families, living alone, or living with housemates.

Meaningful Day Supports

WeAchieve’s goal is to help the people we support grow beyond their challenges, whether through finding volunteer work, employment, learning new skills, or being part of their community. Matching their unique abilities and skills helps them succeed in life.
Opportunities in the community
Based around each person’s interests and preferences, WeAchieve’s staff help individuals explore and experience various options for becoming increasingly productive members of the community. Individuals find and keep employment and volunteer activities, and take part in community events. Our many day support options also include a variety of enriching community experiences and cultivate community involvement, 9AM-3PM. To facilitate access to opportunities, WeAchieve uses a variety of public and private transportation, particularly Metro services. Every person we serve obtains a Metro Access Card.
Self-advocacy training
WeAchieve helps individuals we serve become skilled, effective self-advocates, speaking to legislators and others on their own behalf. We organize and support advocacy events in which our trained team of Game Changers plays a central role.
Virtual supports

WeAchieve offers a variety of virtual day supports through zoom. Our goal is to ensure all people supported have a meaningful day even if they choose or are unable to participate in person. Virtual day provides an enriching and engaging curriculum led by staff, coordinators, and partners of CHI. While virtual day supports cannot comprise the entirety of a meaningful day, this service is designed to complement community activities, assist with learning and exploring new interests, and building on social interests. Session topics include exercise classes, healthy cooking, drum circle, games, social hours, and discussions of noteworthy topics.

Employment Supports

WeAchieve helps individuals find and thrive in jobs that make the most of their unique abilities. These positions, located out in the community, allow them to develop well-earned self-esteem as they become fully integrated members of their community.
Employment supports assist in identifying and developing customized employment options, and are based on the principles of customized employment. Appropriate matches are determined through a process of discovery and are based on identified strengths, conditions, and interests of a job candidate or employee. Our job developers help each person find and keep jobs in the community. WeAchieve uses a variety of public and private transportation, particularly Metro services. Every person we serve obtains a Metro Access Card.
WeAchieve’s job coaches work with each employee and supervisor to ensure ongoing success.
WeAchieve facilitates employment in the private sector in conjunction with our many Community Partners, and with the public sector at Federal, state and local levels. Time-limited services for participants are available for those wanting to discover skills to work in competitive integrated jobs or through self-employment.

Transitioning Youth

Transitioning Youth comprise a special category of eligibility and priority for services. WeAchieve provides Transitioning Youth with creative, personalized, appropriate stage-of-life supports that together provide a pathway to the fullest life.
We develop personalized programs that meet each youth’s needs when they join us, then update their program annually, continually modifying it as their needs, abilities and goals evolve. We support and cheer them as each new milestone is met and as each new goal is achieved.
Through the Governor’s Transitioning Youth Initiative, the DDA — in collaboration with the Division of Rehabilitative Services (DORS) — has been able to fund supported employment and other day services for eligible graduating students who otherwise may not have received DDA services.