For Families

At this pivotal moment in your family’s life, WeAchieve thanks you for considering us as a partner in your family member’s future. We know the concerns that keep you up at night and the hopes you have for their life going forward — and we share your heartfelt mission to make that life as rewarding and fulfilled as possible.

WeAchieve accomplishes this all-important goal by offering each person an extraordinary range of supports to live, work, and be welcomed into the larger community. Our expert, caring professionals continue to select, combine and adapt supports into often-innovative programs that meet specific needs now and as they change over time.

As a vital part of your family member’s life, you become part of the WeAchieve “family” as well. We not only listen to your comments and concerns, we invite them. Most importantly we act on them. Please take a look at the many supports we offer, stories of families who rely on us, and the straightforward process for applying.

Learn about our many Comprehensive Supports

We welcome you and your family member to WeAchieve!

Is your child transitioning from high school?

If you need help with the application process, please contact Rhonda Davis for assistance. or 240-687-9362

Connect with a WeAchieve Family

We encourage you to learn more about WeAchieve from a family like yours. While every person is unique, you’ll hear firsthand how WeAchieve has supported their individual’s needs and potential, how our supports, experience, capabilities and creativity have made a difference in their family member’s life, and how WeAchieve has served their family over time. 

Already WeAchieve Family? Connect with Others!

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