For Community Partners

In neighborhoods across our area, WeAchieve partners with businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies at the federal, state and local levels to welcome the people we serve into their workforces and business operations.

Join them and you can help individuals with unique abilities find success and growth as employees, interns and volunteers, or experience gatherings within the community where they live. WeAchieve will support you with staff who accompany individuals, and by providing training as needed.

The result: you’ll have the great personal satisfaction of helping people achieve their life goals while you earn your community’s respect for your values and commitment. What’s more, we’re confident you’ll discover partnering with WeAchieve is good for business!

Many Ways to Partner


If you’re a business or in the non-profit or public sectors, consider hiring individuals we serve as employees, interns or volunteers.


If you’re a restaurant, library or other community gathering place, consider welcoming a small gathering of the people we serve.


We always appreciate assistance with maintenance of our residences and other regular needs. Consider volunteering or initiating a volunteer program.


You can also become a valued partner by donating to WeAchieve. Find out all the ways you can give!