WeAchieve is pleased to announce a partnership with FedFinancial Federal Credit Union in ongoing efforts to further strengthen connections in our communities.  Both organizations have deep roots in serving the greater Washington, DC, and central Maryland areas. In late April, FedFinancial’s chairman of the board, Christopher Cole, presented WeAchieve CEO, Daphne Pallozzi, with a financial contribution of $3,000 through WeAchieve’s Champions of Change initiative. The support is intended to bolster WeAchieve’s efforts in the area ensuring equal access to work and inclusive communities for people with intellectual and developmental differences. In cooperation with local businesses, WeAchieve also regularly provides space to organizations for meetings and other events.  The credit union has utilized rooms for its staff meetings at WeAchieve’s administrative headquarters in Silver Spring.

WeAchieve is a leading provider of comprehensive, customized supports for individuals in the central Maryland area living with intellectual and other developmental differences. With roots as an organization founded in 1948, WeAchieve makes it possible for the people they serve to live and work as fully integrated members of their communities — feeling valued and enjoying the friendship of others.  WeAchieve is dedicated to creating solutions that help people with differing abilities to live better lives and feel fulfilled, not just one day at a time but over the course of their lives.

FedFinancial Federal Credit Union was founded in 1935 as Public Health Service Federal Credit Union by a group of federal employees with one goal in mind: to provide financial products and services that met the unique needs of local federal employees, just like them, and their families. More than seventy years later, the institution changed its name to FedFinancial Federal Credit Union to reflect its ability to serve all federal employees, retirees, contractors, and their family members located in the Washington, DC, and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas.  As a financial cooperative, the organization is owned by its members and currently provides financial services to thousands of federal employees.

“We are extremely grateful to FedFinancial Board Chair, Christopher Cole; CEO, Jonathan Rhodes; and, the credit union members and employees for their partnership and financial contribution to WeAchieve”, said WeAchieve CEO, Daphne Pallozzi. “WeAchieve’s mission to create inclusive communities can only find success when we are in collaboration with those around us working toward a common goal of equal opportunity for all our neighbors.”