About Us

WeAchieve is a leading provider of comprehensive, customized supports for individuals in the Maryland area living with intellectual and other developmental challenges. With roots as an organization founded in 1948, we make it possible for the people we serve to live and work as fully integrated members of their community — feeling valued and enjoying the friendship of others. Along with colleagues, family members, referral sources and community partners, those we serve know they can trust WeAchieve to be open and available, responding to any comments, questions, and concerns with caring and respect. 

We are dedicated to creating solutions that help people live better lives and feel fulfilled, not just a day at a time but over the course of their lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to break through barriers so people can contribute, connect, and lead the lives they choose.

WeAchieve creates opportunities for the people we support by helping them — with their involvement — pursue their interests in working, volunteering, and enjoying their leisure time or retirement years. If there is uncertainty regarding their interests, we introduce new possibilities and assist them in having fresh experiences that appeal to their unique sensibilities. We turn exclusion into inclusion by finding ways for people to be accepted and accommodated.

Our Values

Our core beliefs advance our mission every day. We believe:

  • Everybody Matters:  We recognize and value the unique gifts of each person.
  • Unlimited Options:  We create and encourage opportunity through imagination and by taking risks.
  • Empowering Engagement: We appreciate and welcome relationships that are built on open and honest communication, nurturing them to give people control over their lives.
  • Better Together: We develop and cultivate a shared vision with a common purpose, and we realize each person’s role is essential in making our vision a reality.
  • Shared Leadership: We motivate and inspire each other to see a problem, be the solution, and do the next right thing.


WeAchieve is recognized as both capable and experienced, with leadership that includes some of the most dynamic figures in our field. Among these leaders are highly regarded professionals and dedicated members of the community. All proudly combine their strengths to create for each individual we serve a personalized pathway to living a full, secure and satisfying life.

“Tom really considers his residence his home, and truly feels as though he’s living among family. It’s a place where he feels welcome and thrives, where there’s kindness, friendship, and lots of opportunities for recreation and work. We’re very happy with the services he’s been provided. He’s got a very happy life!”



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